The purchase of a new (or used) car is always exciting, and after completing all the paperwork (So. Much. Paperwork!), it’s easy to just get behind the wheel and take off into the proverbial sunset. Or highway, more likely.

But there are some essentials to acquire after driving off with your new vehicle, and we’re happy to provide some suggestions!

Floor and Trunk Mats

Your vehicle’s interior is just as important as the exterior, which makes floor protection a must. A high-quality, max coverage set of mats will protect your floors and trunk spaces for years to come, and are worth every penny of their investment. The ideal floor mats will be easy to install, easy to clean, and will hold up to all weather conditions.

Leather/Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner 

Cleaners and conditioners made specifically for your vehicle’s seats will keep them looking brand new for as long as possible and extend the materials’ lifespan. To give your seats some extra TLC, consider applying the cleaner and conditioner with a microfiber cloth or glove.

Winter Tires 

Switching out tires when the weather gets snowy may feel like a hassle but doing so will prolong the life of your all-season tires. Winter tires provide better traction in ice and snow than their all-season counterparts, which helps with stability and better stopping power.

Tire Repair Kit

Speaking of tires, a repair kit is a must. There isn’t any right time to have a tire-related emergency, and it’s best to be prepared for a flat before it happens. A tire repair kit will have your vehicle up and running long enough to replace your damaged tire.


Of course, hands-free tech use is the responsible way to go when you’re behind the wheel. A mount and stand will keep your phone out of reach, but still accessible for hands-free calls and provide GPS instructions when you need them. A USB charger can be easily installed in your vehicle and keeps your tech from running out of power before you reach your destination.

An Extra Set of Keys

Whether they’re provided by the dealership or you have a set cut, a spare set of keys is important to have before you need them. Keep them stashed in a safe place you can easily access.

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