Wondering if you should invest in custom car mats for your vehicle? Are you on the fence about whether or not they’re actually functional? We’re here to help you in your decision making process. Let’s dive right in!

Protection From Messes

If you have carpet in your home, you know how hard it is to clean and remove stains. Now imagine your vehicle, when you’re tracking in dirt and debris, pet hair, or kids spilling food and drinks, eventually that will lead to lingering odours, and in some cases, mold. Getting a complete interior deep clean can be more costly than investing in a set of custom car mats. Of course, there’s the option of doing it yourself. However, it requires more time, effort, products, and elbow grease to get the job done, which can be quite daunting. 

The benefit of having car mats is that you can easily remove them, hose it down, and reinstall so your interior is like new again. 

With custom car mats that are made specific to your car, it follows all the contours of the footwell so that there are no gaps for unwanted dirt and debris to get into.


Carpets, or some other universal-fit mats, are not made with durability in mind. Over time with friction from shoes, and general wear and tear, they degrade, which leaves your interior unprotected. The purpose of car mats is to last long, and ensure your entire cabin floor is covered, while not having to worry about replacing them too soon. Mats that are tailor-made with clips and retention hooks help secure it in place, prevent the mats from moving around while driving, and avoid lifting around the edges. The protection is seamless.

Help Preserve Vehicle Resale Value

Nobody wants to buy a vehicle that needs a complete makeover, especially if it’s the interior. It may deter interested buyers, or receive plenty of lowball offers, which isn’t ideal. To ensure you get the maximum value for your car, having car mats installed from day one is a great way to help preserve the resale value

What Should You Do?

Custom car mats aren’t as expensive as you think. Considering the points listed above, in the long run you may actually incur much higher costs by not investing in car mats from the beginning.
Whether it’s time and effort you have to spend to clean your car, or paying a professional to do it, or accepting a lower offer when selling or trading in your car, the small investment in car mats is definitely worth it.

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